A History Wiki From the Beginning of World War I to the Cold War

The world was shattered once -- and then shattered once more...

In the early 20th century, the world self-destructed. It was a time of rapid change, power struggle, and devastation. The biggest wars were fought; the most lives were lost. As world-dominating ideologies sprung forth, nations had an unstable fate. Whether they would be able to fight violent revolutions, whether they would be dominated by another country, or whether they would fall to the ravages of war--were the fears of these nations. Many of these fears became reality; the world fell to pieces.

This wiki textbook is student-created.
Students got away from the paper textbooks and made their own digital textbook by compiling written work, online images, and online videos on this "A Broken World" wiki to share with you history's "climax". In this wiki, we, the students, outlined the historical information about World War 1, the Russian Revolution, the civil war in China, the rise of fascism, World War 2, and the beginning of the Cold War.

The site is a credible and reliable source to get information in a creative and fun way!

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Photo source: Judgment Day by Jalsey on Flickr, via a Creative Commons Search.

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